A banner year with Best Western

posted by on May 18, 2013 at 12:06 PM

It’s been a banner year for us working with Best Western International in so many ways. What started out as a 1 web banner job for one state last year has spread to multiple creative jobs in several states, working with many of their field marketing managers. Each job, while under the Best Western brand,  is to promote either specific events and/or promotions in a region, state or city and is one of the highlights of our day. Best Western provides many digital co-op opportunities for their many properties across the country and we are lucky enough to produce many of the web banners for these states and properties. Whether it is flash animation, an animated .gif or a static .jpg. Many times we are challenged with being creative. “Just be creative” LOVE it. While we understand that creative can mean so much, it needs to mean results. And with that, it needs to speak to the target audience, engage them, maybe even allow them to emotionally connect with the creative. Below are some of the samples of the recent banner work we are so proud of for Best Western Hotels.